CSCMI Who we are:

 AWANA Clubs International, after a long history of building up Christian leaders of tomorrow through their scholarship camps, decided in 2006 that it would no longer directly oversee these camp ministries. Instead they proposed that a grassroots organization of interested churches and AWANA Clubs create an independent camp experience for those Clubs that wish to continue a camp ministry. In this way each state or region would create its own organization to create and oversee this annual event for it’s clubbers.  At that time many groups of AWANA leaders, parents and other dedicated people all over the country decided to continue their camp ministries and formed their own organizations to assure that this vital ministry would continue for their AWANA clubbers. These individuals worked very hard with their AWANA clubs and churches to make sure that this week at camp each summer remained what it had always been: a great time to reward clubbers who work hard to complete their AWANA books each year, to challenge clubbers to seek God’s will for their lives, and to equip them with the tools they need to be effective witnesses for Him in every area of their lives. In April of 2009 Richard Yandle hosted a meeting of all the camps that were continuing to provide the AWANA camp experience for various clubs across the nation. It was Richards hope that an association of clubs could be formed for the purpose of establishing a formal ministry partnership between AWANA Clubs International and these camps so that we could mutually support one another’s ministries. It was at this time that Christian Scholars Camp Ministries Inc. expanded their mission statement and became the umbrella organization for the creation of this ministry partnership. At this meeting many of the camps that were represented joined this organization to form an independent association of Camps to provide, in the tradition of AWANA Camps, a Christian Camp Experience to AWANA Club International Clubbers. The Mission Statement for this association is:

 As sovereign providers of Christian Camp Programs, we enter into an association for the purposes of: 

  1. Providing a continuity of the Prior AWANA Camp experience to AWANA Clubs  that wish to continue to provide a camp experience for their Clubbers.
  2. For mutual sharing of knowledge and resources to coduct high impact camps.
  3. For accountability, program continuity and promotion of camp ministries.

 As independently owned and operated programs we will endeavor to be safe, affordable, fun and effective in providing campers with a very profound experience with Jesus Christ that campers will never forget and that will have a lasting effect on their Christian walk.

 If you currently opperate a camp for AWANA clubbers or have an interest in starting a camp ministry you can get more information on how to become a member or associate of CSCMI by contacting  Bill Mitchell at 909-260-8804 or by email bcmitch@integrity.com.